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Pullman Overun With Feral Cats

Pullman Overun With Feral Cats

WSU basketball player Casto has Pullman neighbors worried that feral cougars will threaten the safety of their community.  In a press conference yesterday, Casto apologized for his behavior and promised to be more domestic.

Gas Prices Above $3.50 A Gallon

Gas Prices Above $3.50 A Gallon

  The price of a gallon of gas in west downtown Spokane and southwest Spokane is now above $3.50 at most stations.  Many stations are $3.54 or higher and the busy summer driving season is still months away. To get the best gas mileage, keep your tires inflated, take excess weight out of your vehicle and don't make quick stops and starts. 

Jersey Shore Cast Disappears In Italy, STD Cases Miraculously Drop

The entire cast of Jersey Shore disappeared while partying in Pompei.  No one has really noticed they're gone.

South Hill Man Eats Himself To Death

The notorious intergalactic gangster, Pizza the Hut, finally ate himself to death at Beneditto's Pizza on the South Hill Friday.  After completely eating the restaurant out of food, Hut began eating himself until he finally perished.  Women and children were seen fleeing from the gruesome scene.

She Blinded Me With Science

Please leave both Brittany and Kris Crocker alone.  This goes double if you have complaints/constructive criticism about Kris Crocker's hair, skirt length or forecast accuracy.

KXLY Anchor Attacks "Lady Zag"

It looked like a dog fight.. but all kxly's Robyn Nance was trying to do was congratulate Courtney Vandersloot for being the best female bball player.. EVER!


Chicago Cubs Win World Series

The Chicago Cubs made generations of the Kaplan family happy by finally winning a World Series. Ben actually cried while reading the highlights on air.