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Chad Loves East Sacramento!

Chad Loves East Sacramento!

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Look at me, I'm Clark Kent!

Look at me, I'm Clark Kent!
Yes, that's a cute baby.

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Welcome, Fellow Raycom Stations!

Todays a great day.

  • The birds are singing.
  • My dog is happy.
  • Everyone is wearing green.

don't believe me?  See here.

Sandhill Cranes Back in Othello

Sandhill Cranes Back in Othello

Bird watchers spent their weekend in the Columbia Basin, taking part in an annual rite of spring. 25,000 sandhill cranes descended on  Columbia National Wildlife Refuge near Othello, as they have for the last several decades.

The birds have been flocking to the refuge in large numbers since the 1970's. For the last 14 years, the town of Othello has celebrated their arrival - and the arrival of those who come to see them - with the annual Sandhill Crane Festival. The festival, held this past weekend, brings in more than a thousand people each year. In addition to boat trips and bird watching from the shore, those visitors spend money, supporting local businesses.


Double Rainbow

It was rainbowing for at least an hour on January 8th 2010. It was incredible. The camera could not capture the vivid intensity and brightness. Look into the mirror, look into your soul!

Polar Bear Attacks Spokane Mayor

Polar Bear Attacks Spokane Mayor

A polar bear attacked and killed Spokane Mayor Mary Verner today.  She was eaten while swimming in the Spokane River.   Witnesses say it the most they had ever seen the mayor do. 

Lady Returns To Riverfront Park

We met this woman earlier this year taking pictures in zero degree temps she returned to the park to take pictures of more people.