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Sandhill Cranes Back in Othello

Sandhill Cranes Back in Othello

Bird watchers spent their weekend in the Columbia Basin, taking part in an annual rite of spring. 25,000 sandhill cranes descended on  Columbia National Wildlife Refuge near Othello, as they have for the last several decades.

The birds have been flocking to the refuge in large numbers since the 1970's. For the last 14 years, the town of Othello has celebrated their arrival - and the arrival of those who come to see them - with the annual Sandhill Crane Festival. The festival, held this past weekend, brings in more than a thousand people each year. In addition to boat trips and bird watching from the shore, those visitors spend money, supporting local businesses.


Jerry's Fake Story

Jerry's Fake Story

25% of the Cougar basketball team has been busted for smoking weed.

Jersey Shore Cast Disappears In Italy, STD Cases Miraculously Drop

The entire cast of Jersey Shore disappeared while partying in Pompei.  No one has really noticed they're gone.

Giant, Hungry Hippo Tramples KREM TV. World Rejoices.

Giant, Hungry Hippo Tramples KREM TV.  World Rejoices.

A hungry hippo, tired of eating white marbles, went on a rampage, looking for something better to eat.  The angry mammal landed on the South Hill, ran through the Shopko parking lot and right into the hole that is KREM.

KXLY's Deis Saves Baby Panda From Drowning

KXLY's Deis Saves Baby Panda From Drowning

KXLY Sports Director Derek Deis, while fishing on a small lake south of Rockford, heroically saved Doug, the baby panda bear missing from the Washington State University Veterinary School since Tuesday, after Doug entered the water in search of food.

In a feat of strength, Deis rescued the 400-lb. bear in five feet of water and drug him safely to the shore.  Emergency crews quickly responded, after Deis used his iPhone to contact them before entering the water.

Mike Gonzalez Often Wears Pocket Squares (All the time!)

Mike Gonzalez is a fashion aficionado. He often wears stylish pocket squares that make other reporters and anchors jealous. If one combines his style with his rugged Latino looks, one is overwhelmed with wonderment and joy.